In order for our tournaments to run smoothly for both participants and volunteers, the participating teams must be aware of the applicable terms and conditions and agree to them

General conditions Soccaball tournaments:


1. Each registered team is aware of the General Terms and Conditions and agrees to this upon registration.

2. By registering the team commits itself to the following conditions:

a. The registered team pays the registration fee of € 15, -

b. The registered team pays a deposit of € 35 (this will be refunded to the participant's account in 10 days after participation)

c. If the participant does not show up for tournamentdays, the registered team will owe a fine of € 35. The registered team will not receive a deposit if they do not show up.

d. Participation is only definitive after both the registration fee and the deposit have been received.

3. Unsubscribing for a tournament is possible up to 240 hours(10 days) before the start of the first game of the relevant team, if this happens on time the registered participant will receive the full amount back (€ 15 + € 35), a cancellation will follow to the tournament and if this is within 240 hours before the start of the tournament, the team in question will receive the deposit back but the registration fee of € 15 will be canceled

A cancellation in 168 hours(7 days) before the first match of the participant will not refund the registrationfee and the deposit.

4. Every registered team is expected to play the tournament in full, that is to say: all matches of the last issued game schedule must be played, if this is not fulfilled, the deposit of € 35 will be canceled.

5. In the case of serious misconduct such as violence, theft or other things that are not permitted, the relevant team will be removed from the tournament immediately, this will bring Article 4 into effect, and the police will be called in in the event of serious misconduct.

6. Soccaball or the organizing association is not responsible for making bookings for an overnight stay, the participant must take care of this himself, but if necessary Soccaball can advise on a possible place to sleep.

7. If the tournament is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances such as storms, extreme heat, but also cancellation due to too few participants, Soccaball will refund the registration fee and deposit, however, Soccaball is not responsible for costs incurred by a team for transportation and / or overnight stay.

8. On arrival, each participating team will receive the last game schedule, so this may differ from the last mailing. Of course, Soccaball will communicate this as soon as possible in the event of changes to the schedule for a particular team.

9. Instructions from the employees of Soccaball and / or the organizing association must be followed at all times.

10. Smoking in dressing rooms or canteen is strictly prohibited.

11. Theft, vandalism and drug trafficking are strictly prohibited, the organization is harmed by any of these points, the guilty person will be held personally liable.

12. Parking must be done in the parking spaces designated by the organization.

13. The tournament is played in accordance with the rules of the KNVB, rules of another (foreign) association do not apply during the Soccaball tournaments that are organized in the Netherlands.